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February 13, 2009

Spotlight No.1

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Stumbled upon these gems in the group and just had to feature them.  Please take a look and support are fabulous writers.

The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter One
by Becteri.
Written on the fly, this story packs a punch.  It’s dogs vs cats and a whole lot more.

Mom in Heaven Looking Down
by Poetic Genius
In his own words, “If you’ve lost someone this is for you as well.”

Untitled – Ch.1 (Draft)
by Kaiya Knox
Sure you can enjoy a polished story but the draft is the essence of a person’s inner thoughts and energies. It’s only afterwards we make it acceptable for the rest of the world.

May 14, 2008

Special Feature: Jihad

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group daily feature.

Today we feature a poem titled Jihad by Natella2020.

The word Jihad is an Arabic word which means struggle, a word which suits this poem well. I saw this poem a motivational and inspirational piece, indicating the need to survive great odds; failing and triumphing in the end.

Here are some of the comments the poem received:

beautifully written

Deep, Powerful imagery, very thought provoking, loved the first stanza and the second and the third, actually I can’t quite decide. I loved the title best of all, very fitting and stirring…

…this is one of the best written pieces I have read to date from you. Imagery, yes – powerful, yes – but the words used and how they are constructed in the verses are outstanding…

Below is a snippet.


Broken ax meets solid summit
Solid power, solid fear
With a force of golden passion
And a tide of joyous tears

Click the link to read the full poem.

Natella2020 is a writer who is passionate about islam and science. I find her pieces are thought provoking and offers conscience messages readers can take with them.

In Natella’s words, “My goal is to start a revolution in scientific thought by adding a spark of artistic style and the eloquence and power of the written word. If I make an impression on the mind of one person, my journey will be worthwhile, and my goal accomplished.”

May 6, 2008

Special Feature: Varga Girl

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group daily feature.

Today we feature a poem titled Varga Girl by Nicole Ryan. A piece with a strong lyrical feel and an eerie, lingering, feeling of a woman who saw what they wanted to be and who they are now.

Here are some of the comments the story received:

What a cool, creative concept Nicole, and the words flow right off the pages of that magazine you described beautifully. Well done!

I wanted to be a Varga Girl too…..I’ve goosebumps reading this….
So real……

just brilliant!

Below is a snippet of the story.

Varga Girl

I tore you from the centre
of a magazine
carefully avoiding ripping holes
in the underside of your elbows

Click the link to read the full poem.

Nicole Ryan co-ordinates her writing with her duties of motherhood. Her writing time is similar to loose change found at the back of a lounge. She is proud mum to four beautiful children and happily married. She hopes to, one day, become a successful, published writer. With work such as Varga Girl, I can see this in the making.

Art Portfolio from Nicole Ryan

Images above are works from Nicole’s art portfolio which are available for sale at Red Bubble

May 3, 2008

Special Feature: Forgotten

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group feature.

Today’s feature is a poem written by Girlinthestars, which is titled Forgotten. It is a breathtaking piece of love and passion where the words themselves form a savoury concoction that linger in you mind.

Here are some of the comments the poem received:

Oh my God Amy – I can’t tell you how deeply this touched me! How incredibly poignant this is and how true! Just an amazing work, my good friend!

“As you rolled on top of me in the most splendid state of sweat.”
Imagined or not this is really powerful, your writing has such an excellent flow to it, everything I read of yours has such a pull from one line to the next. Very nice work.

You made me all misty again……..really now, is there someone behind all of this heartfelt pain? If so either you need to make a call or he doesn’t deserve you.;)

Below is a snippet of the poem.


I’m broken now
But I have not forgotten the way it feels
To swallow rain like candy drops
And then to


Click the link to savour the full poem.

Girlinthestars has been writing poetry since the age of fourteen. A collection of her works has been published in books which can be found at amysampsonbooks.com. When she is not writing, she is being a proud mother of a beautiful boy.

Images above are but a handful of Girlinthestar’s gorgeous images you can view and purchase at her portfolio.

April 23, 2008

Issue No.5

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Inside this Issue…

Welcome to this stellar issue of the WMG Blogazine.

This is a special issue congratulating Damian for winning the groups’ Get eBook Published Competition and to mighty thanks to Vim Lowenstein , Felinemind and Bchrisdesigns for their wonderful selections.

As Red Bubble grows so are our writers. Damian is living proof of a writer developing and achieving. He has had one story published with the Australian Reader (an online ezine) which was the Editor’s pick for March 2008, a travel story published on MeetURplanet.com and runs the successful Short Stories and Spherical Scriptings group along side Empress aka Kate Smith. Not bad for a man of science.

And speaking of science and Kate Smith… Big congratulations to Kate for her latest release from Mystic Moon Press. Her new book, Zap, promises action, adventure and lots of creepy-crawlies to make your spine tingle. A must see! Click the link for more information.


Stories Poetry
Eyes Wide Open © Jane A Paris Twilight © mtda
PREMONITION IN THE PARK © Jane A Paris The Terrace © Christian Ward
Tides of Living © Natella2020 A Monster Named Mr. Depression © Foreverism
The Mouse Remains © DKerr Freckles On Her Chest © LaLaLaura
The journey of self – from my memoir © Julianne Goepfert Here I am © David Donio
Earth Tale © Ramonique
Writers’ Insider Life Moments
Calling all writers for cross-promotional collaboration in Emotive Photography Group by Dana DiPasquale In Dedication to Ki-Ki by DeeprBlue
Red Bubble TV? By Nancyames Earth Day Gift to my Redbubble Friends by Boyd Miller
Melbourne’s Emerging Writers Festival by Anne van Alkemade Never on a Sunday? by Faithart
In The Shadows – New Storybook Game by Alison Pearce REINCARNATION by Garrick Smillie
What’d I Miss?
Inside Our Group Flash Fiction Group
Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings A Novel Idea
GAIA – The living planet

March 31, 2008

Issue No.4

Inside this Issue…



Regal Clock (Unstable) Image copyright © Abyssalsoul

This bumper of an issue features stories from writers who have entries in the “Get eBook Published” competition, although most of the stories featured are not the ones submitted as entries.

I’ve also hand picked poetry based on what is mystic and moon to coincided with the ebook publisher who will pick the winning entry for the competition and ensure the story is electronically published.

Good luck to all the story contestants!




Stories Poetry
Remembering Della – Chapter One by Crzadkiewicz Shadows Of Mercy by S.I. Sheehan
The Buenos Aries Boys by Lawford Dark Cities by Acheron Samael
The night before Christmas by Danny Passing Sutra by Seraph
Social Sniping (Story) by Damian Eternally Continued… by Naylor
The Tale of Willie Patton by The Artist Unknown
Writing Again for the First Time by G-Man Merrick Justice
Stolen by Sastro
Diamond moments by GeoGecko
The Score by Dave Legere
Ricochet by Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
Colin by MickyMc
The Seal of the Celestial Engine (Fragments of the Shattered Mirror) by AbyssalSoul
Writers’ Insider Life Moments

Collaboration between Lianne & Linaji

Post by Linaji

LAUGHTER Post by Papadad
Greenbeard Zine Post by Greenbeards Elephantine Error Message Post by Kathibook
Werewolf Forumla Post by Gayla Drummond Befuddled, Bamboozled and Betrayed Post by Lianne
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Get eBook Published Competition Competitions – Twisted Tales
Specialised RB Groups – Blue Room & Graphic Scratch


March 9, 2008

Issue No.2

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Inside this issue…

Image copyright © Paul Robertson


Since Easter is almost upon us, I thought it fitting this issue features writings involving sacrifice and love.



Stories Poetry
I Want You Here by Lys Gifts Given – The Burning by Dreadfulbride
Super 8 Memories by Yasemin Sumner About the Author by Tommyjo
Klokken by Bellmusker Take All O’ Me by Melissa Park
Delilah-A Love Story by Little Helen Half Forgotten Memories by Ushna Sardar
Story – A Vision from the Ocean by Damian Breathe now for the last breath is gone by C. C. Arshagra
After Rain~A Love Story by Ushna Sardar On the Wings of Our Love by Adgray
Love letter. passion… such love by Paul Robertson Reincarnations by Lianne
Can You Love Me Lyrics by Keeli
Writers’ Insider Life Moments
Email critique group anyone? – Kerry Hudson The Sloth Diaries:Summer Daze by Rusty Woodward Gladdish
Sherlock Holmes on Creative Writing – Indeterminacy The Sloth Diaries: The Nigerian Lottery Scam by Rusty Woodward Gladdish
Poets of Three – Mary Battle Boundary less, bodiless potential by Rachel Hope Nicholson
What writers want, what they really, really want – Mummified
Fame By Proximity – Empress
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March 2, 2008

Issue No.1

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Inside this Issue…

Image copyright © Danny

This issue features Fantasy from WMG Red Bubble group members. From living a dream of being part of a band, to seeing fairies, dwelling amongst vampires or fighting along side King Arthur and medieval times.

I’ve hand picked a great selection of works to whet any reader’s appetite. So open the page and delve into fantasy.


Stories Poetry
I Was In A Band Once by Danny Climb the Mountains by Paul Alleyne
Delusional by Damian Moonlit Graveyard by Sabbath
Gawain by Svalbard Fairy Nature by Anaisanais
Phyegyas. A Boatman’s Tale by Russell Holder The Sound of Heaven by Melissa Vowell
Felamandra # 1 by Jaide Cameron Fear of L and V by Mobius
No Returns Policy by Empress Golden Lion by Anjula
Rising Moon: Excerpt 3 by Gayla Drummond Reality or Dream by Lovelola
Writers’ Insider Life Moments
Writers Cramp 2 by MickyMc Chicken Head Sandwiches by Marlo Taylor
The Difficult Second Novel by DBA Lehane The grave with no headstone by Roymcdine
I am an author/writer by de – fault… by Tommyjo Already this morning I face some difficulties by Chrgubbels
Writing and Proving It by Gregory John O’Flaherty Artists Collaborations by Paul Alleyne
I know who I’m going to be! By Gayla Drummond She by Mooka7

Story Development

Meditation, My Brain Rehabilatation, Yoga and Photography by Deeprblue
Planet Etruscan by The Tales of Little Sinful My Father’s Beer Belly Is as Fathomless as a Black Hole by Digby
CSK Map of the Realm of Leinard by KSeriphyn Cell of Solitude by Gary Grant
What’d I Miss?
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Melbourne Writers’ Meet – March


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