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Issue No.5 Poetry

The first three poems were selected by Felinemind.

© mtda

“The imagery of this piece evokes the struggle to move on with life once a loved one moves out of your life, and it does so without cliches or tired phrases of hurt and abandon. It’s an excellent example of how rhythm works to move a reader through the poem at a pace that takes you right through to the end.”-Felinemind

Read the poem here

The Terrace
© Christian Ward

“This piece makes a friend’s ordinary backyard beautiful through the light-handedness of musical metaphor. It builds you up as you imagine this garden, with the last line reminding you that there is always a darkness lingering to mar life’s innocence. The rhythm and careful choice of words paints this scene quickly, but it stays with you.”-Felinemind

Read the poem here

A Monster Named Mr. Depression
© Foreverism

“I’m sure many have tried to describe the insidious nature and reality of depression, but this poem manages to do so delicately with rhyme and without getting ‘bogged down’ in the personification device, with the last two lines driving home the devastation of the condition.”


Read the poem here

Freckles On Her Chest
© LaLaLaura

Its hard to be happy unless you love yourself first…every inch of you should be loved.

Read the poem here

Here I am
© David Donio

Here I am
in this desolate land

Read the poem here

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