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Issue No.5 Notices

Inside Our Group

Bellmusker has organised regular meetups for Melbourne, AU writers. More information can be found here.

There is an opportunity for writers to have their short stories read out as podcasts via Short Story Radio. More information can be found here.

Incidently, I’m trialling the effectiveness of having a story set as an audio podcast and seeing if it’s an avenue our group could explore. More information on this here. PS: If you do listen, please forgive the sound quality. It seems it wasn’t loud enough when it was compressed via Gcast so it may come across as soft. I also blame my dodgy equipment which is cheap and nasty.

Amazon are looking for writers to upload load their content to their ebook directories in league with their new toy, the Kindle. More information on this here.

Flash Fiction Group

April Challenge in collaboration with The Spirit Walks challenge.

More information here

Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings

Also one of the groups part of The Spirit Walks challenge.

There are ten groups in total involved.

Their information here

In their Limelight Lounge they discussed Red Bubble’s first official competition called Unleashed.

More information here

GAIA – The living planet

This competition has now closed. Winners are still being considered by the judges.

The new competition is Compassion. This competition is due 16th July.

A Novel Idea

Their April Newsletter has just been released. To view the news, please click here.

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