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May 14, 2008

Special Feature: Jihad

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group daily feature.

Today we feature a poem titled Jihad by Natella2020.

The word Jihad is an Arabic word which means struggle, a word which suits this poem well. I saw this poem a motivational and inspirational piece, indicating the need to survive great odds; failing and triumphing in the end.

Here are some of the comments the poem received:

beautifully written

Deep, Powerful imagery, very thought provoking, loved the first stanza and the second and the third, actually I can’t quite decide. I loved the title best of all, very fitting and stirring…

…this is one of the best written pieces I have read to date from you. Imagery, yes – powerful, yes – but the words used and how they are constructed in the verses are outstanding…

Below is a snippet.


Broken ax meets solid summit
Solid power, solid fear
With a force of golden passion
And a tide of joyous tears

Click the link to read the full poem.

Natella2020 is a writer who is passionate about islam and science. I find her pieces are thought provoking and offers conscience messages readers can take with them.

In Natella’s words, “My goal is to start a revolution in scientific thought by adding a spark of artistic style and the eloquence and power of the written word. If I make an impression on the mind of one person, my journey will be worthwhile, and my goal accomplished.”

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