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Issue No.2 Stories

I Want You Here

My heart crashes through my intestines, tangling itself in their miles of winding, literally digested shit.

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Super 8 Memories
Yasemin Sumner

When we drive, everything out the window becomes saturated in colour. Like a super 8 camera’s replaying our memories instantly back for us. I’m only ever happy as a passenger when he drives.

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Held a decapitated human head in my hands, sliced neatly in half, and marvelled at the astounding beauty contained within.

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Delilah-A Love Story
Little Helen

As I type this…my subject lays sleeping…tied to my kitchen table. He is quite a large man…hard and buff…his penis massive in width, profound in length. He is quite the specimen.

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Story – A Vision from the Ocean

Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf.

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After Rain~A Love Story
Ushna Sardar

Once upon a time there was a girl living in the small town, One day while she was plucking flowers in the field she met a guy who seemed so nice she fallen in love with him, the guy loved her too but won’t tell her because he was engaged with another girl.

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Love letter. passion… such love.
Paul Robertson

Ah yes, late again my sweet and I lift my fingers to my lips and my thoughts wind around me in curls upon themselves, and it is your face that I see in the darkness before me.

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