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Issue No.5 Stories

The following stories were selected by Vim Lowenstein & Bchrisdesigns.

First piece was selected by Vim Lowenstein and represent “…pieces of work which fit nicely into the theme of death and an exploration of it.”

Eyes Wide Open
© Jane A Paris

Just a day in the life of a little dog that is dying…

Read the story here

The following three pieces were selected by Bchrisdesigns.

© Jane A Paris

“This haunting portrait of the artist’s own premonition, was both well-written and to the point. It transports the reader to the writer’s nightmare as if we are standing in the very same park, finger pointed at us and all.” -b.chrisdesigns

Read the story here

Tides of Living
© Natella2020

“Tides of Living, a story about love, betrayal, and stains, not only boasts a nifty title (which is a nifty play on words) but leaves the reader speechless. Told in several stages, the story follows Nawal, our protagonist and voice of reason who finds herself alone and betrayed and questioning the symbolism and superstition behind one very lucky (or unlucky) shirt.” -b.chrisdesigns

Read the story here

The Mouse Remains
© DKerr

“The perfect story to share with your own mother on Mother’s Day, DKerr’s The Mouse Remains is both witty and gritty all at the same time. With an ending that will leave you speechless, the story showcases the relationship between a pacifist daughter and her more in-your-face mother, whom she equates to a “dominatrix”. But, by the end of this tale, readers will be questioning each character’s motivations and personalities as there is not a clearly defined protagonist. This does not affect the merit of the story, but, rather, leaves the reader to question themselves and what they would do if in the same situation.” -b.chrisdesigns

Read the story here

The journey of self – from my memoir
© Julianne Goepfert

What I have come to understand is this. We cannot change, we can only become what we already are. Inner peace cannot be achieved, it only needs to be realized and be recognized.

Read the story here

Earth Tale
© Ramonique

Once upon a time there was a place, not too far from the sun, where the blue waters nourished the green fields, where butterflies danced with the birds upon the clearest sky, where animals and humans learned to live together, where Nature feasted your eyes in a perpetual spectacle.

Read the story here

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