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Issue No.3 Moments

Gaia Date Change – Stress / Leader or Host – Input / Religious War – Knowing Smile, Inspiration
Gordon M Justice

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the RedBubble.

Where else can you meet fascinating people with various talents, participate in contests, buy and sell your passions, and set your clock to the monthly “Rising of the Irksome Issue.” A common phenomenon across the world, but never so concentrated as it is right here, in out little community, this beauty of the ego/diversity set has sent people to wonder since the first one (which I am guessing) occurred the second month of operation – once just enough people had joined to create such a beautiful natural display rivaling that of the northern lights and an entire city burning to the ground.

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All the big issues: US foreign policy, Global warming, Gary Busey or Nick Nolte?
Vim Lowenstein

Not everything I say I believe. But it’s always something I feel needs to be said, regardless of whether I take it as gospel or not. I applaud those people who kept bringing up climate change in the late 90’s before it really became generally accepted. Any half clued in jessie can now bring it up and receive a laconic applause from a group of meandering people, but it’s cuz of the pioneers that this person is been applauded and not ridiculed and denounced as a nutjob. They are the reason it is at least in the spotlight and competing with attention along side Australian Idol and Brad and Angelina’s daily life.

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CAA….A gentle breeze to ruffle your wings 🙂

Tuesday 5:00 pm

What a day it has been !!! Went to the neurologist today for first time visit and ended up being in the office for what seemed like FOREVER that is why I am so late in posting today … I figured that instead of blowing bubbles today I thought I would just ruffle your wings a bit with some words to ponder 🙂
I hope that everyone has had a GREAT day !!!!
Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY (35 ! ) so it will be an extra fun day for me and I do hope to share part of it with YOU !!!! (((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))

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Australian Skateboarding Culture Over The Last Thirty Years

It seems like a million years ago since I first tried to ride a skateboard – my life has changed, as I have, in so many ways that each new phase of life brought new attitudes and ways of being that were often radically different to those which preceded them. However, most of these changes were more of a gradual evolution than a sudden revolution, and sometimes the changes I was going through were almost imperceptible to me. This is almost exactly how skateboarding has changed over the years from the flowing, surf orientated style of the early 1970’s to the way that people skate today.

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Lung Cancer and Emphysema

– “O gawd, I need a cigarette!”

My mind staggers over its own vomit of memories of sweeter times
when I had fuckin’ smokes! Them was the days, my friends!
I smoke alot, though. Perhaps, too much. Maybe I’ll quit. Maybe
I won’t. Sometimes, I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.

And so I have a smoke.

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