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May 3, 2008

Special Feature: Forgotten

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group feature.

Today’s feature is a poem written by Girlinthestars, which is titled Forgotten. It is a breathtaking piece of love and passion where the words themselves form a savoury concoction that linger in you mind.

Here are some of the comments the poem received:

Oh my God Amy – I can’t tell you how deeply this touched me! How incredibly poignant this is and how true! Just an amazing work, my good friend!

“As you rolled on top of me in the most splendid state of sweat.”
Imagined or not this is really powerful, your writing has such an excellent flow to it, everything I read of yours has such a pull from one line to the next. Very nice work.

You made me all misty again……..really now, is there someone behind all of this heartfelt pain? If so either you need to make a call or he doesn’t deserve you.;)

Below is a snippet of the poem.


I’m broken now
But I have not forgotten the way it feels
To swallow rain like candy drops
And then to


Click the link to savour the full poem.

Girlinthestars has been writing poetry since the age of fourteen. A collection of her works has been published in books which can be found at amysampsonbooks.com. When she is not writing, she is being a proud mother of a beautiful boy.

Images above are but a handful of Girlinthestar’s gorgeous images you can view and purchase at her portfolio.

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