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Issue No.3 Stories

A different point of view….
© Applechic

There was nothing remarkable about this morning. Father had gone off to work and Mother was washing the sheets. My morning was spent outside; kicking the ball about with Majid.

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Fear The Backyard
© Kaneko

It’s 2 am in New Zealand and Yuki and I are arguing over our financial situation yet again. Suddenly the outside security sensor lights pop on, illuminating our living room. We run outside but we don’t see anything. I am in my pajamas, really simply a holey giant size t-shirt, leftover memories from an old boyfriend. In this fashionable outfit I venture through the fence and into our backyard while Yuki goes hunting around the front yard.

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The 10-Minute Scrooge
© Gary Grant

Staring in no particular order: Moe, Larry, Curley, Shemp
Also staring in no particular order: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo
Also staring in a particular order: Laurel & Hardy
Also maybe in no particular order: A Muse, 2 A Muse, Muses, Musses, (A1-C1)
S=Scrooge: (Moe Howard)
J=Jacob Marley: (combo-team -> (JM1) Honk – Harpo, (JM2) Dialogue – Chico)
G=Three Ghosts: Larry, Curley, Shemp, Zeppo
T=Tiny Tim Groucho (Never seen, background voice)
M=2 A Muses H1=Oliver, L1=Stanley, & (A1-C1) 4 sofar

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© John King

Every now and then we get to bathe in the presence of an individual who can only be described as “Larger than life”.
They present to us the extraordinary gifts with which they are endowed. Gifts such as Charisma, Stature, Grace or Beauty.

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Engineering Your sense of Humor
© TommyJo

Everyone, well, those that have been exposed to 90˚ F daily temperatures, are pretty well acquainted with the “Good Humor Bar”; an ice cream delicacy on a common wooden popsicle stick that to the purchaser is a celestial gift. I’ll have to do some research as to “exactly” how it derived its name but I can well imagine that anyone that bears under such torrid temperatures on a consistent basis, greatly appreciates something refreshing to ‘humor’ them. The stress of such an environment would tend to ‘bake’ any existing ‘humor’ to the point of total evaporation; thus leaving the poor soul defenseless to ‘bare up’ psychologically.

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We’re a bit different in Australia
© Darren Stones

So you’ve decided to visit Australia? Excellent decision and all 21 million of us are looking forward to personally greeting you.

Believe it or not, kangaroos and emus are exempt from paying the bridge toll as they dash across the Sydney Harbour Bridge enroute to Bondi Beach for a bodysurf. They’ve negotiated a watertight deal with the Federal Government which gives them special dispensation. Something to do with land rights apparently.

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© Aqualina

Can you relate?…truth now… I know you can you? LOL
DO YOU TAKE YOUR OWN? – Photos that is?

I do…

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