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Issue No.1 Insider

Planet Etruscan
The Tales of Little Sinful

This story development post offers a insight to an intriguing world and background of its inhabitants.

Read more here.

CSK: Map of the Realm of Leinard
KSeriphyn Designs

Okay so I couldn’t resist the plug. This aside, this story development post maps out the world of my story “The Chronicles of Seriphyn Knight” or CSK for short. It provides summaries of its provinces as well as a hand drawn map.Read more here.

Writers Cramp 2

Another week of posting photos and not doing enough writing!I have read some thought provoking things both here and elsewhere, which are great examples of fact based fiction dealing with uncomfortable subject matter. I particularly thought that these two pieces were great examples of this genre.

Read more here.

The Difficult Second Novel
DBA Lehane

This coming week I plan to start work on my second novel (currently with the working title of ‘The Elektropunk Conspiracy’). A contemporay political thriller for teens its been in the planning stage for the last five years or so (if you think that’s long…my first novel, a fantasy adventure for children called ‘Jericho & the Hellfire’ currently with a publisher, took 14 years to complete from original idea to final 4th draft!).Read more here.

I Am an Author/Writer By De-Fault

…of no one but my own dream to have published literary works that are enjoyed by folks of all ages (be it that they are literate of course) and walks of life; that others can relate and identify only because I have strove to reciprocate in kind.Read more here.

Writing and Proving It
Gregory John O’Flaherty

I know how to get a document stamped at the Post Office to prove a date.
I know how to get a authenticated copy at a cheap rate.
I know how to attach a file to an email and await a publishers’ fate.Read more here.

I Know who I’m going to be
Gayla Drummond

I wrote an entry a short while back about doing a fictional blog. Well, I’ve decided on my persona.Read more here.

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