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Issue No.1 Poetry

Climb the Mountains
Paul Alleyne

Climb the mountains thru its crevices and unexplored caverns, and rugged face filled with creatures unknown
From the top, though tired and broken you can enjoy the view of the world unencumbered by daily distractions.

Read the poem here.

Moonlit Graveyard

Secrets be-withered in a fright,
Only revealing themselves in the dark light,
Shadowed in the day,
The ghosts and stories must stay at bay,

Read more of the poem here.

Fairy Nature

I’m fairy nature,
Come to collect fall’s leaf wares
to help make a coat.

Read more of the poem here.

The Sound of Heaven
Melissa Vowell

I’ve carried you this far, my Love, watched your colours fade… I lay you down upon the grass as seas below us rage. Your hand falls gently across your stomach to your waist, your head tilted ever so slightly to the sun, highlighting the tiny golden rivers that stain your face.

Read more of the poem here.

Fear of L and V

The reason has awakened within us
As the sheets of silk caress us
the light begins to fade
There is darkness all around us
Insecure, undecided, afraid
I turn to her as V

Read more of the poem here.

Golden Lion

A golden lion once crossed my path,
With hypnotic eyes – he held my stare.
He moved so gracefully with natures songs:
So powerfully he held those notes between his jaws.
He travelled far this gifted beast;
His beauty dazzled a sad but lonely world,
Amongst the tree spirits he found peace~
A place to sleep.

Read more of the poem here.

Reality or Dream?

At times,
When life gets really tough,
It seams to me that I am asleep,
And watching bad and scary dream.
In which all things I fear, come to me.

Read more of the poem here.

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