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Issue No.3 Insider

Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival – newsletter
Anne van Alkemade

Hi all.
Thought you may be interested in the following information distributed by the Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival people.

Nothing new from us this week, but three opportunities from partner organizations that you should know about

Look next week for the announcement of our special writing contest The Reading Room.

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“Daintree Daughters” – Authors Note

My first completed novel, that is I have an ending to it (lol), is rather unique. The story about why I wrote it is almost as long as it lol but I think needed to be told in order to find the solution of whether to push on and have it published or not.

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“Worried” didn’t win the contest,

“Worried didn’t win the contest, however it will be displayed in a book. For the title of the book, leave a comment, and I’ll e mail it to you. There are people who have me on their watchlist, who I don’t want to display this information here. It’s actually just one person in particular.

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Melbourne writers’ meetings – first Sunday of every month!

The Melbourne Writers’ Meetings have been amazingly enjoyable and rewarding – take a look through my journals for the previous ones.

However, organising these little outings takes some patience and hard work, so with that in mind, it’s been suggested that we fix a regular day. The meetings will now be held on the first Sunday of every month, in a central location, in the afternoon. If enough people ask for an evening meeting, we can add an extra one, or one out east/west/ etc, but the date should remain fixed for the regular ones.

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3rd Party Advice
Why Queries get rejected.

Ron Kovach, senior editor of The Writer

Why a query might get rejected:

  • The editor, plain and simple, finds the subject uninteresting and one that will be of comparatively little value to readers. Put another way, the query fails to hook the editor.

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