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Issue No.2 Poetry

Gifts Given – The Burning

How thoughtful he
with all love
with all concern
composed his will

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About the Author

Sixty six Books it contains,
Purchased by Blood bought stains;
Tree o’ Knowledge brought man’s bane
Blood guilt marked Brother Cain
Won’t Long – Down came the rain,
40 days an’ nights it would remain.

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Take All O’ Me
Melissa Park

You take away my first love,
Take away my gain,
Take from me my clothes
And leave me naked in the rain.

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Half Forgotten Memories
Ushna Sardar

I can hear the voice deep inside the silence
I can see staring out upon the sea
The waves were washing over half forgotten memories
You, your love is now just a forgotten memory!

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Breathe now for the last breath is gone
C. C. Arshagra

Ever-infant child singing

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On the Wings of Our Love

A caress of his fingers so rough and work warn
I feel the slightest of scratch down my cheek
Yet each pore of my skin each cell of my blood
explodes in his gift of bliss

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Were you once Astarte – fertile goddess of the east?
I see her when I look at you – full breasts and rounded belly,
pregnant with desire, fecund with creativity,
lush promise of earthy fullness granted
one who offers self as sacrifice upon an altar
of some primordial, elemental need.

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A special song for love

Can You Love Me Lyrics

Can you hear me
My tears are falling hard like rain in the middle of a storm
Can you feel me

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