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I Was In A Band Once

Part 1- The very beginning.

I love music I think I’ve established that, but I’m not that great a guitarist , after 30 years you’d think I’d improve but alas I will admit I’m average, I know this because when I get drunk and try to play it comes out a horrible mess, terrible and not even close to what I think I’m playing. On this basis I conclude I could never make it as a rock star. It is a well established fact only the best can played stoned, pissed, ripped or hung out. How many times have you read or heard of Hendrix, Cobain, Townshend, Clapton, Page or Slash (all Heroin addicts) playing or for that matter not remembering playing because they were off their tits.

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‘Oh God! What are the fairies doing now?!’
Bruce leant out of the window for a better view of his back yard, but quickly remembered the neighbours and withdrew. Jostled coffee splashed down his arm, the hot liquid soaking his white shirt sleeve.
‘Brilliant,’ he said with a sigh. Now he was going to be running for the bus. At least the neighbours hadn’t seen him this time. They had enough to talk about already!

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Dun Pelidyr

Dun Pelidyr could have being a fortress of the gods such was it’s majesty. It’s ramparts encircled a massive oval shaped hill, towering above the lands below. A heavy mist swirled across the battlements making the men below to squint, as they attempted to make out any movement on the walls.

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Phyegyas. A Boatman’s Tale

Russell Holder

A stranger approaches the boatman on the river Styx with three captives in irons. All of the captives appear to be asleep.
Stranger: Awaken, boatman, awaken. I have three souls for thee!
The boatman lifted his head from the half slouching position he was in, his gnarled fingers grabbed the steering oar as he leaned forward to a standing position. The stranger stared into what used to be eyes… now only empty eye sockets.

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Felamandra # 1
Jaide Cameron

“No!” Lia cried.
Sethan stopped and turned, looking at Lia, as if for the first time, but not with any particular welcome.
” Yew’ve been interupting my work yew liddle snitch!” He hissed.
“Well, I-” Lia stumbled “But I just-”
“No buts! I shall teach yew ta interupt me!” Slowly he stepped forward. Lia stumbled away.

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No Returns Policy

‘Made it.’ The slam of the front door confirms that Jules is in the house.
Mina slings her tea towel over her shoulder and pads across the kitchen to lean in the hallway and smile at her high-flying sister-in-law. ‘You don’t have to rush for us.’
Jules juggles shoulder bag, umbrella, accessories and packages until her scarf unravels to the floor. ‘I told Quinn I’d be here in time for Dora . I’m here.’

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Rising Moon: Excerpt 3
Gayla Drummond

Something tickled my nose, making me sneeze myself awake, eyes opening to a view of thick, black fur. I pushed at it, getting a sleepy, cranky response of “Mrmph”.
“Let go.”
“Mrmph,” was mumbled again, sounding even crankier, but the thickly muscled arms moved away as the black Wolven rolled to his back, an uncomfortable position in half form. I sat up to survey my surroundings, which were very familiar in spite of all the dust. They should’ve been, since I was in the bedroom I’d shared with Lee for almost thirty years. You came home his voice whispered in my mind.

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