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Issue No.1 Moments

Chicken Head Sandwiches
Marlo Taylor

My four year old daughter, Mallory said something so funny, I have to share this with everybody. She stayed up late for her daddy because her daddy had to work late.
Read more here.

The Grave With No Headstone

I have decided to take this opportunity to write about someone who is remembered, not for the details on his headstone, but for what he did during his life and those who have inherited his courage.Read more here.

Already this morning I face some difficulties

Woke early this morning and my 10 year old daughter is fighting me. I am a young mother myself and want only the best for the kids, but “Wow” it is hard.Read more here.

Artists Collaborations
Paul Alleyne

I have just completed a collaboration with my fellow bubbler, Rose Moxon. (See Blood Red – Rose & Paul Alleyne – posted is Rose Gallery.)Read more here.


she doesnt know who she is
she doesnt know why do she stand where she is reciprocate in kind.Read more here.

Meditation, My Brain Rehabilatation, Yoga and Photography

Over the past 8 months, I’ve -managed- (for lack of a better word and a nearby thesaurus, lol), to start walking, I mean REALLY walking…miles at times, become a proficient “beginner/apprentice” at yoga, immersed myself in meditation and photography.Read more here.

Cell of Solitude
Gary Grant

While in back of the Cell-of-Solitude, I decided to try shaping music I had arranged during the self-administration of electro-shock-therapy using a old car battery and inverter I had found in the garage and, a bio feedback shaper circuit I built out of spare parts to put on my head, and nipples to modify this wav arrangement.Read more here.

My Father’s Beer Belly Is as Fathomless as a Black Hole

I have a language school. It is a small affair with less than a 100 students.

Last week, in an advanced writing class, we were learning similes and metaphors. I usually wrack my brains for a decent one but my students are all budding Mark Twains.

Read more here.

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