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March 16, 2008

Issue No. 3

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Inside this issue…

Image copyright © Adam Stone
Image copyright © Adam Stone

It has been an interesting time at the bubble the last few days, which made me wonder about humanity, so much so, as I perused through the groups written works I found some made me laugh, think, feel and take into consideration what is real. Here are a handful of those works.




Stories Poetry
A different point of view…. by Applechic Frozen lady at the computer… by JaneAParis
Fear The Backyard by Kaneko Between C**t and Saint by Chris W
The 10-Minute Scrooge by Gary Grant DISCONSOLATE by Mishaal Sardar
LARGER THAN LIFE by John King Just Try by Notculpable
Engineering Your sense of Humor by TommyJo Elements Of Life by Stephen J Vattimo
We’re a bit different in Australia by Darren Stones Moon Glow by Stacylee
TAKING PHOTOS OF YOURSELF…LOL by Aqualina PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all by C. C. Arshagra
Writers’ Insider Life Moments
Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival – newsletter – Anne van Alkemade Gaia Date Change – Stress / Leader or Host – Input / Religious War – Knowing Smile, Inspiration by Gordon M Justice
“Daintree Daughters” – Authors Note – Adgray All the big issues: US foreign policy, Global warming, Gary Busey or Nick Nolte? by Vim Lowenstein
“Worried” didn’t win the contest – Snoboardnlife CAA….A gentle breeze to ruffle your wings 🙂 by Naylor
Melbourne writers’ meetings – first Sunday of every month! – Bellmusker Australian Skateboarding Culture Over The Last Thirty Years by Reflector
3rd Party Advice – Why Queries get rejected (Ron Kovach) Lung Cancer and Emphysema by darrell1973day
What’d I Miss?
Get eBook Published CLOSES MARCH 19th!! New RB Writing Group – Twisted Tales
3rd Party Competition (Involves a fee) – Vignette Press Short Story Competition 2008 Written in the Stars – new competition – Short Stories Group
GAIA Living Planet – Red Bubble Official Competition


March 9, 2008

Issue No.2

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Inside this issue…

Image copyright © Paul Robertson


Since Easter is almost upon us, I thought it fitting this issue features writings involving sacrifice and love.



Stories Poetry
I Want You Here by Lys Gifts Given – The Burning by Dreadfulbride
Super 8 Memories by Yasemin Sumner About the Author by Tommyjo
Klokken by Bellmusker Take All O’ Me by Melissa Park
Delilah-A Love Story by Little Helen Half Forgotten Memories by Ushna Sardar
Story – A Vision from the Ocean by Damian Breathe now for the last breath is gone by C. C. Arshagra
After Rain~A Love Story by Ushna Sardar On the Wings of Our Love by Adgray
Love letter. passion… such love by Paul Robertson Reincarnations by Lianne
Can You Love Me Lyrics by Keeli
Writers’ Insider Life Moments
Email critique group anyone? – Kerry Hudson The Sloth Diaries:Summer Daze by Rusty Woodward Gladdish
Sherlock Holmes on Creative Writing – Indeterminacy The Sloth Diaries: The Nigerian Lottery Scam by Rusty Woodward Gladdish
Poets of Three – Mary Battle Boundary less, bodiless potential by Rachel Hope Nicholson
What writers want, what they really, really want – Mummified
Fame By Proximity – Empress
What’d I Miss?
Get eBook Published CLOSES MARCH 19th!! UK Events – Stella Duffy readings from *The Room of Lost Things*
Feedback Request: Writing in Dialect Critique Request: Have a read and please comment
Horror Fiction Contest

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