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Issue No.2 Insider

Email critique group anyone?
Kerry Hudson

So, here is the deal. Many of you are probably aware that many magazines, e-zines and competitions will not accept previously published works. Apparently this also includes online publishing in forums and communities like RB.

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Sherlock Holmes on Creative Writing

This is damned good advice about writing! If you want to write something original, never take the first idea, nor the second.

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In Like Lions

March is going well and it’s all of three days old.I’ve heard from FOUR of my favourite editors including the marvelous Marie of Semaphore … issue 2 is out now so I encourage everyone to download (it’s free!) and fill in the survey.The Siren’s Gate series @ Sputnik57 is back on track with the magical word payment invoked. For all the project notes clicky clicky:

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Poets of Three
Mary Battle

Poetry can be a bird singing in my ear.
Poetry can be a harp of yesteryear.
Poetry breathes past the pages of slavery.
Poetry writes through the hurt and pain.
Poetry is the keys to survival as a people.
Poetry does not rest.
Poetry is not equal.
Poetry is a treasure chest.

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What writers want, what they really, really want

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of writers, alcohol, olives, the irresponsible clicking of camera shutters etc etc. am still recovering after being derided variously as a James Dean look alike (kill me know) or Julian Lennon. It’s Charlotte Rampling you ingrates ! The young version.

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Fame By Proximity

This is slightly odd: today on the Fictionwise homepage there are various legendary authors including Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, Kinley McGregor… and there’s my favourite Wolf Hollow epsiode WH: The Dawning

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