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May 21, 2008

Special Feature: Wishbone

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group feature.

Today’s feature is slightly different. Since the dawning of Red Bubble, we have seen writers either come and go or stay on and shine before our very eyes. One of the writers who has been around from the beginning and doing very well for herself is Kate Smith (also known as Empress).

Not only was her short story entry in the Unleashed07 competition a winner, she since has had a few stories published as eBooks or in online ezines with various independent publishers.

Her stories can be found at Mobipocket, Fictionwise and with publisher Mystic Moon Press. You can also listen to her story “Bad Hair Nights” via Parade of Phantoms or if you wish to read the story, purchase a copy at MMP.

One of her first and successful stories with Mystic Moon Press is Wishbone. A mystery/crime/fantasy wonder mix.

“I love blending flashing dialogue between two characters with an ensemble cast, even if most of them are off stage for most of the action. It’s my way of building a world and inviting the reader in…” says Kate.

The story’s blurb below:

Ariel Thorne does not believe in coincidence.

She doesn’t believe in curses either.

But the increasingly odd and dangerous events around Wishbone Street have her believing one thing absolutely:

Something’s going to snap.

Wishbone has since called out a related story titled Zap – Pandora’s Edge.

“Zap for example takes place during the first half of Wishbone; one of my first published stories The Dominant Rose links to the last chapter,” Kate explains.

I highly recommend reading both. If Wishbone and Zap leaves you hanging for more, never fear as Kate hints there is another part in the works. “There’s the unfinished novel that started it all currently titled Welcome Home. I’ve taken it out of the file for the first time in years. It has good bones.”

Looking forward to seeing this instalment.

Kate is a work-horse when it comes to writing that I sometimes wonder if she has time for anything else. At Red Bubble, she co-hosts the Short Stories – Spherical Scriptings group with Damian (who has been featured here previously) and has been involved in collaborations with other artists. One of the collaborations has opened the way to her new blog site The Sirens Gate.

As you can see, Kate truly is a motivation for writers.

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