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May 4, 2008

Special Feature: The Incident – 1

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group daily feature.

Today’s feature is a serial story revolving around an incident and lives affected by it. The story is aptly titled The Incident -1 and is cleverly written by Michael Alesich.

Here are some of the comments the story received:

Ok, you got me hangin’ for the next installment!! 😀

And………….going to the next…..

WoW ….curiosity is peaked lol…..Trisha xoxo

Below is a snippet of the story.

The Incident -1

Um…, you probably should be talking to my supervisor.

Well, bad luck I’m talking to you,
I might just…

Bad luck girl, it’s either you or the dial tone.
Next words: 60 Million Dollars keeps them alive.

Click the link to read the first incident and continue the journey.

Michael Alesich is a photographer and graphic designer with a writing talent as well. He is part of the Back Alley Atelier group.

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