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May 13, 2008

Special Feature: Shades of Gray #1

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group daily feature.

Today we feature a serial story titled Shades of Gray # 1 by Gayla Drummond.

A story of raw intensity, passion and gripping hooks that make you want to go to part 2.

Here are some of the comments the story received:

Great stuff Gayla, really well written, and so engaging.

well i’m hooked!…..off to the next bit!
really felt my heart go when she thought he’d cheated!

I’m enjoying reading your work; it is articulate, well polished, and flows nicely. I especially like the mood, the hint of suspense. Marvelous work!!

Below is a snippet of the story.

Shades of Gray #1

“Gray, I can’t just,” I begin protesting, but a finger touches my lips to silence me. His dark brown eyes gaze intently into mine.

Click the link to read the full story.

Gayla has had a few titles published which are equally riveting. Her recent work up for grabs is Feral Intensity; the first of a three part contemporary fantasy. She also has had works published in “ArtWanted.com’s Creative Minds”. Aside from writing, she is a CG Artist with six years experience. Her cover art has been used for works such as Flash Swords Fantasy Magazine.

At Red Bubble, she co-hosts the “A Novel Idea” writing group.

Gayla Drummond's Art Portfolio

A sample of the savoury art work you can view and purchase at Gayla’s portfolio

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