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May 2, 2008

Special Feature: Match Met

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Welcome to the Writers’ Market Group feature.

Today we feature a story titled Match Met which is part of a serial written by Jcmontgomery. It’s an enticing read full of power plays, tension and those heart pounding moments that make you want to quickly turn to the next page. She has the gift of hooking your attention with the first three lines and keeping it right to the end.

Here are some of the comments the story received:

omg….this is soooo good…..i don’t want it to end like that!!! pretty please?!

Brilliant piece, I really think you have something great happening here jc…it picks off beautifull from where you left off, its got suspense, excitement, gives you the story and then leaves you with little bits and pieces of infomation you want resolved. I also think you are bring each piece of the whole its own climax, kind of like a sci-fi/fantasy/horror serial or novel with chapters…I could go on…
you’ve started something here jc LOL!

Oh wow! I can only add to what is said before. This is just great! 🙂

Below is a snippet of the story.

Match Met

Gaelan? I’m sensing a…..no….NO! Gaelan, get out. Get out now!

Before Gaelan could answer the room went dark. Jumping from his chair he raced around to where Devlin had been just moments before. Reaching out to grab him by the collar, Gaelan instead felt his hands go numb. It was only because of his quick reflexes that he was able to prevent them from shattering into irreparable shards.

Click the link to read the full story.

Jcmontgomery is a native San Franciscan currently residing as a Northern Nevadan. Firmly believing that fulfillment doesn’t come with a dollar sign, she hopes to one day find that perfect match between her talents and someone willing to support her addiction to skinny vanilla lattes.

You can also find her reading and reviewing books as The Biblio Brat and posting to her online journal Loose Leafs from a Commonplace.

She also co-hosts the A Novel Idea group at Red Bubble.

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